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Author Topic: Troubles with Promise RAID and Win2k Pro  (Read 1752 times)

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Troubles with Promise RAID and Win2k Pro
« on: 23-December-03, 17:57:50 »

Athlon 64 3000
MSI K8T800
Enermax 350W PS 3.3V@32A 5V@32A 12V@26A
2x512 Kingston ValueRam PC3200
2xWD 36GB Raptor (Promise RAID)
Sony CDRW on IDE_0

BOIS: VIA SATA is disabled, IDE enabled, Memory is all auto except clock speed DDR400, Promise RAID is on, Boot sequence is Floppy, CD, RAID.

What works: I can get into the Win2k setup, load Promise drivers, partition the striped drive, format it with NTFS, and install all of the files for Win2k. CPU and Case temps both stay between 89 and 100 F

Problem: After installing windows the computer and rebooting the computer does one of four things.
A) Windows setup loads from the CD like there is no OS installed, I get to the partitioning page and the partition is "Unformated or Damaged"
B) Boot sequence makes it to the RAID drive but has a disk error (nothing loads). When I go into the windows setup, it usually says the same thing as A.
C) Windows 2000 starts to load but stops prematurly due to a missing file. After reboot, A usually happens.
D) Windows loads up and starts to finish the setup, but freezes. A again is followed after reboot.

Alternatives tried: I am yet to try the VIA controller for SATA, but i have tried to install Windows 2000 one just one drive on SATA Promise. The install works, but is painfully slow. I have not had the patience to let it actually get into windows.

Any ideas on what to check or how to determine if something is defective? (like the Promise controller or the HDD's)

Im officially stumped.
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