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Author Topic: MSI 845PE MAX 2 v2.0 FSB & AGP Aperture Bios Setting  (Read 1019 times)

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MSI 845PE MAX 2 v2.0 FSB & AGP Aperture Bios Setting
« on: 28-December-03, 16:11:42 »

What should be the Value in the BIOS --> Frequency/Voltage Control --> CPU FSB Clock(MHz) if I use Intel Pentium 4 2.408GHz with Specs: System Bus 533 MHz, 512KB L2-Cache, PGA-478 Pkg, Product Code: BX80532PE2400DSL6EF? My MSI board is 845 PE MAX2 FISR (MS-6704 v2.0)?
     The default set by the BIOS is currently 133MHz.  Should I retain it or change it to 533MHz and If 533MHz is used will it lessen the lifespan of my computer?

     Also what should be the AGP aperture size in the bios if I use the GeForce FX 5200 128mb video card?

     Please help thanks.


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(No subject)
« Reply #1 on: 28-December-03, 16:35:21 »

Intel rates the FSB by using a term named Quad Pumping. This means that the FSB of the processor is 4 times the clock rating. So 4x133 = 533, so you are OK as is.

The AGP arpature size is the amount of system memory that can be assigned to the card if and when it needs it. The more memory on your card the less you need. You should be able to set it to 64 or 128.
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