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Author Topic: Mega PC tvcardsoftware  (Read 1661 times)

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Mega PC tvcardsoftware
« on: 03-January-04, 08:44:37 »

:noidea: Since there is verry litle info about the megapc and peripherals i hope to get more info here!
After installing the intervideo (wincinema)software for the Mega PC tv-tunercard i've got a big problem. The software installs fine and the program for the tv-card
MSIPVS starts without a problem. I then can search (free search) all the tv-channels on cable. BUT, afterwards when i try to switch channels the system freezes!!? As long as i don't switch the channels everything is fine?
I have to do a hard restart, but there is absolutely no errormessage?(WinXP he)
I installed (an reinstalled) all the latest available drivers but the problem continues?

System used: MSI Mega PC, Pentium4 2.8Ghz 800fsb, 512Ddr mem. 80Gb hd 7200rpm, Video onboard32/64Mb shared mem.
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