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Author Topic: BIOS Settings  (Read 2100 times)

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BIOS Settings
« on: 13-January-04, 15:38:23 »

I am having a few issues with BIOS on my KT8.  

First of all I cant get the SATA drive to work on my just sits there and lags the computer to the pace of a 286.  

Secondly:  During states "Bios not detected"..which is impossilbe because I can go into my bios. explain that one.

Third:  I want to optimise my system for gaming.  Any suggestions on what I should tweak to make the system a God system instead of the worm system that I have now.

here is what i have

AMD 3200+
1 gig memory
200GB 8mb cach 7200 ( I have the SATA drive but not plugged in because of above)
ATI 9800xt

Please for the love of noobs help me

Dumb in Dallas


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(No subject)
« Reply #1 on: 13-January-04, 15:40:23 »

bios not installed is said by the promise controller for some reason. just use the via sata controller and disable the promise controller to speed up your boot time.


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« Reply #2 on: 13-January-04, 15:43:15 »
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  • 1 you have to usually go in raid bios control plus f and create an array as well as load raid drivers on the c drive for promise raid to work

    2 relates to 1 as the promise raid detects no drive it loads no raid bios

    3 i will leave to some one has used the board
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    (No subject)
    « Reply #3 on: 13-January-04, 17:16:04 »

    Are u using VIA, if not do, faster than the promise, disable that in BIOS.

    Did u set up the VIA raid controllers during your system install? Get another identical disk and set up as Raid 0.


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    (No subject)
    « Reply #4 on: 13-January-04, 18:36:07 »
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  • I have been using the Promise Controller with a single SATA Drive.  I have the Via SATA and raid disabled in BIOS.  Check out this thread where I tried to expain all about how I set my system upon SATA.  It appears that a lot of people have problems with the Promise controller, but it's worked fine for me so far.
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    (No subject)
    « Reply #5 on: 19-January-04, 19:09:36 »

    Which IDE# is it connected to ? I had so much trouble with IDE#1 I dont use it anymore. Try IDE#3 (Orange connector). The mobo manual is not clear on this.
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