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Author Topic: System won't boot with 2 CPUs  (Read 1226 times)

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System won't boot with 2 CPUs
« on: 17-January-04, 22:07:39 »


I can't get my system (see sig) to POST with two CPUs attached, yet everything works just fine with a single CPU, either one, I have swapped them and both CPUs are OK in single CPU mode.

A little bit of history: I had an cheapo Alied 450W power supply earlier, which I originally thought would be the troublemaker, but based on some earlier posts and MSI support's suggestion, I upgraded to Antec 550W PSU, yet the system still refuses to work with 2 CPUs. My CPUs are of the same version and stepping (OSA242CC05AH), and the memory is registered ECC. At the moment, I am not sure what I could do next.

Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks,

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  • Try other CPU's?
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