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Author Topic: MSI K8T Neo  (Read 1479 times)

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« on: 17-January-04, 22:57:01 »

I have a couple of issues with my new (and working) System.
1. The DBracket acts as if it doesnt work. There are no leds lighting any color.
2. IDE 1 which connected to ATA66, 100 or 133 Hard drives gives mucho and I mean LOTS of scandisk errors. Every other sector of my IBM 15Gig Deskstar shows as BAD ! In comparison my previous computer a Shuttle AK31 (also AMD CPU) works without error. IBM's DOS diagnostic "DFT" run on the new MSI mobo shows everything OK with no errors. Could this be the Promise IDE controller (PATA) problem ? I checked and double checked the IDE cable connectors. The cable is 80 wire and 40 pin connections.


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(No subject)
« Reply #1 on: 17-January-04, 23:07:37 »

have you tried the lastest bios flash for that board?


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MSI K8T Neo half working
« Reply #2 on: 18-January-04, 23:51:48 »

Ok I did BIOS Flash but no help. The DBracket still doesnt work but thats no big thing. The biggest problem was getting a OS on the IBM 15Gig ATA 66 Hard drive. Man  I tried everything including erasing the entire HD (more than once). Finally as a last ditch effort and curiousity I plugged the HD from IDE#1 to IDE#3 and it worked great. Now I have a OS (am I the only one who still uses Windows 98 - the first edition ? ). Although some features on the CD are not supported with Win98. Some software updates like VIA 4in1, USB 2.1, Live Update, RAID etc were located on the MSI software download site and installed with no problem.
I look forward to getting Linux SeSU v9.0 Pro and seeing what this thing can really do ! :idea:
By the way the mobo Manual is a clear as MUD!!!!!
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