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Author Topic: GeForce FX 5900 XT, DirectX 8 & 9 games hang.  (Read 1102 times)

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X Crow

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GeForce FX 5900 XT, DirectX 8 & 9 games hang.
« on: 29-January-04, 01:06:19 »

I have recently bought a MSI GeForce FX 5900 XT VTD128. To my surprise I have exprerienced numerous crashes in games that use DirectX 8 or better. The games pauses and I get a blue Windows XP (retail version - 5.1.2600 - , without Service Pack 1) crash screen  :shocking: that says the game was stopped to prevent any damage to Windows and some things I should check (wich I did) and in the technical part:

*** STOP: 0x0000008E (0xc0000005, 0xF7D83E2D, 0xBA2DC29C, 0x00000000)
*** nv4_mini.sys - Address F7D83E2D base at F7CD9000, DateStamp 3fb91de8

Those hexadecimal are not within the range of memory addresses the VGA card uses.

I get the error with Freedom Fighters, GTA Vice City, GTAIII, Crazy Taxi. The latter crashing much more than the former.
I tried ePSXe (the playstation emulator) using Pete's OpenGL 2 vga plugin, wich uses T&L and pixel shader and I had no problems.
Games that use OpenGL or DirectX 7 or less seem to work fine. This was checked with Quake III and Severance: Blade of Darkness.  o_0

DirectX 9.0b tests on DirectDraw and Direct3D found no problems, plus all the files are OK.  ???-)

Afterwards a friend who works repairing PCs, recommended a clean install with the latest drivers for the motherboard as well as the lastest 53.03 vga drivers (MSI version). All this to no avail; I get the same message.
I've also tried vga drivers 52.16 and 53.06 (Beta), as well as disabling Fast Writes in the motherboard BIOS.   :wall:

A web search only lead me to some driver pages. MSI have no troubleshooting help about the matter, at least that I could find, neither in the manual nor the website.

I have tried using my old NVidia Vanta again and GTAIII works perfect.  :noidea:
Both cards use IRQ 19 and don't share it.
I've noticed that DirectX acknowledges different files to both VGAs. Vanta's principal controller file is nv4.dll whereas 5900's nv4_disp.dll. The small VDD files are nv4.sys and nv4_mini.sys respectively.
Also nv4_disp.dll has no digital signature while all the others do.

Is there any diagnostic utility I could use to better pinpoint the problem I'm having?

Thanks for reading this far.  :biggthumbsup:


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« Reply #1 on: 29-January-04, 01:36:56 »

Sorry to hear about your problem m8, sounds wery strange!

Ive only exp. problems in "Beyond Good and Evil" and "Star Wars: KotOR", where the game suddently freeze's, but nowhere like your's does.

Hope someone got a solution to your problem!  :biggthumbsup:

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