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How many of you DO NOT have RAM problems...

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Running Corsair Twinx 1024-3200LL XMS at default and have had no problems, rarely turn the pc off and no issues with games, booted right up after building

AMD64 3400
Antec 480W True Power
K8T Neo
ATI Radeon 9800XT
WD 74GB Raptor (X2), configured as separate drives
Audigy 2ZS Platinum

Mine is running great.  But I do have the minimum memory bus set to 200mhz,    and my memory is running at cas 2.5 witch is just fine for me.

This memory seems to work fine, I have all settings on Auto, including the voltage.  It seems to show in the boot up sequence that it is running at 200MHz and CAS Latency is 2.5, so I asssume it is...


--- Quote ---Originally posted by Stomper

Working AMD 3000+ systems...

BIOS 1.2

2 x 512 - Corsair CMX DDR400 @2-3-2-5
2 x 512 - Corsair Twin Pro DDR400 @ 2-3-2-6
2 x 512 - Corsair ValueSelect DDR400 @ defaults
1 x 512 - Geil Golden Dragon DDR400 @ 2-3-3-6 (2.7V)
2 x 512 - Hynix DDR400 @ 2-3-3-6
2 x 512 - Kingmax DDR433 @ 2.5-3-3-6
2 x 512 - Kingston DDR400 @ 3-3-3-8
1 x 512 - Kingston HyperX DDR400 @ (defaults?)
1 x 512 - Kingston ValueRam (KVR400X64C3A) DDR400? @ (Defaults?)
2 x 512 - Muskin Level 1 DDR400 @ 2-3-2-6
2 x 512 - Muskin Level 2 DDR433 @ (defaults?)
2 x 256 + 1 x 512 - Muskin Basic DDR400 @ 2.5-3-3-8
1 x 1024 - OCZ EL DDR400 @ 2-3-2-6

BIOS 1.3b2

2 x 512 OCZ EL DDR433 @ 2-3-3-7

Working AMD 3200+ systems...

BIOS 1.1

2 x 512 - Mushkin Level 1 Black DDR433 @ 2.5-3-3-6

BIOS 1.2

2 x 512 - Apacer DDR400 @ 3-4-4-8 (2.5v)
2 x 512 - Corsair Twin X DDR400 @ 2-3-2-6
1 x 1024 - Corsair TwinX DDR400 @ 2-3-2-6
2 x 512 - Crucial DDR400 @ defaults
2 x 512 - Elixer OEM DDR400 @ defaults
1 x 1024 - GeIL GoldenDragon DDR400? @ defaults
2 x 512 - Geil Value Series 512MB DDR 2.5-3-3-6
2 x 512 - Hynix DDR400 @ 2-3-3-6
2 x 512 - Kingston HyperX KX DDR433 @ 2-3-3-8
2 x 512 - Kingston HyperX DDR400 @ (defaults?)
2 x 512 - Kingston HyperX DDR400 @ 2.5-3-3-8
2 x 512 - Mushkin Level 2 DDR400 @ 2-2-2-5 (2.75V)
2 x 256 - Mushkin Level 2 DDR400 @  2-2-2-5
2 x 256 + 1 x 512 - Muskin Basic DDR400 @ (defaults?)
2 x 512 - Twinx CLPRO DDR400 @ (defaults?)

Working AMD 3400+ systems...

BIOS 1.2

2 x 512 - Kingmax (MPXC22D-38KT3R) DDR400 @ defaults
2 x 512 - Mushkin Level 2 Black DDR433 @ 2-3-2-5


Here is a list of known "problems/fixes". If you notice an error, let me know.


Problem: "booting" Windows XP 64 bit "PUBLIC BETA"

Fix: Enable "Cool & Quite" feature in BIOS


Problem: unstable system (BSOD, MemTest86 errors, Prime95 errors, can't OC.

Fix "a": Manualy lower RAM speed (ie from DDR400 to DDR333) and/or increase voltage to RAM (ie from 2.6V to 2.7V) in BIOS

Fix "b": Manually set RAM timings (ie from 2-2-2-6 to 2-3-2-6)

Fix "c": Replace PSU (AMD 64 CPUs need a 12V/24A PSU or higher rating).


I take no responsiblity if you buy RAM from this list and it does not work as expected. If you buy a new PSU and the problem persists, that's not my fault. I do not claim nor do I disclaim the validity of any "fix" on this page. I simply compiled the list from other posts and from other websites.

According to the Moderator of the forum (Bas), the following is true...

Euh, sorry dude.....

But it's not really a CPU problem.
The thing is, most ram chips are labled DDR400 when they are really not.
Some are relabled DDR333 with higher CAS.
Others are even relabled DDR266!!!!

The thing is, that most chips got away with it because of the high-latency other CPU/Chipset's have.
So they put less pressure on the timings.
The AMD64's have very low-latency, and a little slip of the ram-chip is not forgiven.

We have seen the same thing happen to the first AMD32 bit CPU's when they entered the DDR arena, many rams failed because of AMD's low-latency.

As you see a lot of rams fail on about every board but not on others can come due to the fact that the board layout is a bit different, so disturbance of the signal could be the difference between working and failing.

Ram manufacturers should test their manufacturing better, so that they CAN handle the lower latency, that's the entire problem.
There is a testing institude doing these tests (forgot the name, sorry) but not all manufactures supply their sticks for testing.
AMD does recommend you use those tested sticks, as those sticks have gotten their label and should have the same quality all the time.

As memory prices are very low, they mostly try to save some bucks on the quality control.
This will change soon as their memory RMA will go sky high!!!


Always give the MAX amps on 3.3V/5V/12V, I won't reply without!

K8T Master2-FAR BIOS 1.10 (Returned from 1.20)
2x Opteron 240 (1.4 Ghz)
MSI CPU cooler
4x256MB Infineon PC2100-Registered-ECC (Is a must for Opteron & FX!!!!)
Enermax EG365AX 353W 3.3V/32A 5V/32A 12V/26A
ATI Radeon 9500pro modded to 9700pro
Onboard NIC
WD 400BB 40GB (IBM DeathStar 40GB 7200 died again  )
Plextor 12/10/32A (Jump'd ATA-33)
Windows XP-SP1a (XP runs very good with 2 CPU's way better then Win2000  )


Hello guys!

I have been "out of the loop" for the past 24 hours due to a blizzard that hit Eastern Canada. We beat an old record for snowfall in this area - 95 centimeters (3 ft 2 in). The snow on either side of my driveway is higher than me (I'm 6' 3").

Anyway, I will update the list as soon as I can.

Has anyone found it usefull?


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