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Author Topic: SM BUS Controller error -- Need Athlon 64 Chipset Driver?  (Read 4061 times)

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Noob PC installer question (apologies if there's an existing thread):

I've just installed XP and have the following issue:

In Start Menu/Settings/Control Panel/System Properties/Device Manager, I'm getting the following error:

  ? SM Bus Controller

I believe this is because I need to install the AMD Athlon chipset driver(?) If yes, which is the correct file to use on the AMD website (or elsewhere).

Also, I've already installed the video, audio, SATA controller, etc. drivers. Will installing the chipset driver after installing other drivers be a problem?



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« Reply #1 on: 08-March-04, 16:09:57 »


Normally XP is very good at loading what it requires, first before changing the sys, I would uninstall the Bus controller from Device Manager, by right clicking on it and selecting uninstall.

reboot and the Sys will find new device, it may auto find the driver, if not you may have to point the way, by telling where to look.

The AMD 64 chipset driver you refer to is I assume is the via Hyperion 4 in 1.

What other cards have you on the comp.

Do you have a sound card, it may need companion CD.




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« Reply #2 on: 08-March-04, 16:24:23 »

Thanks for helping with my noob questions, Jocko

I'm using the integrated audio and network devices on the K8T Neo FISR2. No PCI cards, just an AGP video card.

I installed the Via drivers by pressing F6 during the XP install and using the floppy diskette (was this the Via Hyperion 4 in 1 or just the Via SATA controller drivers?). I did not install Promise drivers during XP setup.

After loading XP, I used the MSI driver CD (came with MOBO) and installed all drivers except the USB 2.0 driver because I haven't loaded XP service pack 1 yet. I plan on updating all drivers via the MSI website.

AGP is enabled and functioning, so perhaps I'm confused and have already loaded the chipset driver? Looking at the following AMD website, I thought that I also need to load the last driver in the list:,,30_182_871_9706,00.html

Also, maybe because I haven't installed SP1 yet, XP is having trouble with SATA (?)


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« Reply #3 on: 08-March-04, 16:58:34 »

Right,  where is Bus controller shown, is it under the USB (universal serial bus) heading, if so it is prob looking for the driver  SP1 will load.

The Via F6 drivers are for the SATA HDD, so that XP can recgnise them.

The Via Hyperion drivers 4 in 1, are the latest ones for the Via chipset on the MOBO, controls most things.

The latest drivers for all your needs are available for download from the, the page needed is

Use windows drivers,- chipset driver-  the Via hyperion is there. All the other stuff, sound Lan , video etc. are downloadable from there

You need to load SP1 and updates, for security alone!

Now a little exercise of you skills, there is a free prog to slipstream SP1 onto a new XP CD, which is bootable, Its really top class, saves eons ot time. and loads drivers and updates as it goes. It also installs the links to internet, my machines are on line half way through the installation, updating themselves. It looks a lot more complicated than it is, if you follow it step by step, you will find it quite easy and well explained. the link is

your doing OK, nearly there, once SP1 is loaded use live update 3 to complete updates




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« Reply #4 on: 08-March-04, 18:24:33 »

Thanks again


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« Reply #5 on: 09-March-04, 02:59:43 »
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  • make sure you load via 4-1 drivers or your video will suffer horrible rates.
    idealy you should load 4 in 1's before your agp card drivers....
    I read that in Max pc and it  made a difference in their benchmarks
    not a huge one but it was a few hundred, not like missing the agp driver install under the 4 in 1s.
    I ran mine one at a time and forgot o_0 when i loaded a video clip it was chop city.
     loaded via agp, and reloaded my ati and it was smooth sailing.
    Amd 64 3200+ clawhammer
    MSI K8NEOfisr2 bios 1.80
    2-512 pny vert pc3500
    Ati x800 pro cat 4.9
    ultra 500 psu 34a12v
    6-Maxtor 120Gig 7200 ide
    (2 ide3 raid 0, 4 on maxtor pci)
    external drives 1 maxtor usb 120,
    2- buslink sata,usb,firewire 80 gig externals
    sony dru 500au ,zip100 ata
    mitsumi 9-1 card reader/ 3.5" floppy combo
    lite on 52x24x52
    buslink dvd12x
    Logitech bluetooth M&K, USB headset, 3d extreme pro, z640's
    sb audigy zs2 platnium
    siig pci card -5,usb 2.0, 2-firewire,100 ethernet.
    maxtor pci ultra ata133 ide controler
    2-samsung 170mp
    xp pro sp2


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    « Reply #6 on: 09-March-04, 16:39:59 »

    Installing slipstream XP/SP1 corrected the problem -- it was apparently just a simple matter of USB not being supported without SP1.



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    « Reply #7 on: 09-March-04, 18:26:25 »

    Great thought it would

    Now you can sort everybody elses probs

    Take care

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