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Author Topic: Jumpy TI-4400 graphics  (Read 1300 times)

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LT Holmes

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Jumpy TI-4400 graphics
« on: 28-September-02, 09:11:01 »

OK - I know that I am the noob of noobs.  But I know one of you out there knows why I am having this problem.

When I first put together this system (below), I had a couple of random reboots while playing MOHAA.  I thought that it might be the cooling as I have tested the memory, power supply, and a handful of other stuff.  After pulling the box out from under my desk and with cooler nights I have no further problems so far.

However, when I play MOHAA I notice that with the TI-4400, the graphics are quite jumpy.  This is compared to the GF2 MX440 I had in my last system which was relatively very smooth playing.  This is even with the same video option settings in the game.

The only thing I notice that the jumping correlates to is some hard drive access that is going on while I play the game.  pretty much every time the little red HDD light flickers the screen hesitates or jumps a little.

I must have a bad setting on something somewhere?  Does anyone have suggestions on what to look for?  I am using the 40.41 detonator drivers as the MSI info/clock tabs on the MSI drivers gave me the "run dll as app" error.

If you need more details please let me know.



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« Reply #1 on: 28-September-02, 09:30:31 »
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  • drives running in ultra dma mode 4 5 or 6 depending what they are?
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    LT Holmes

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    (No subject)
    « Reply #2 on: 28-September-02, 20:48:55 »

    It looks like my BIOS settings were on auto-detect, so my maxtor ata133 is set to mode 6 while my wd ata100 drive is set to mode 5.  Both are on the primary IDE channel.  Does this make any difference?  Do they have to be in the same mode?  I will try it out with both set at 5.

    On the computer with the GF2 I have two maxtor drives one is the same as on new system and the other is a 40 gig maxtor (don't know ata speed).  When I look in the system settings it shows that both drives are set for mode 5.


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    « Reply #3 on: 29-September-02, 18:02:43 »

    hey guy dont use the Detonator drives with the Gforce4 cards those drivers are desinged for older Nvidia cards to be able to run current games and or video codecs and so on roll back to like the 30.82s or even the 29.42s but not those.
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