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Author Topic: Quick question on potential Ti-4400 Problem  (Read 1098 times)

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LT Holmes

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Quick question on potential Ti-4400 Problem
« on: 02-October-02, 06:45:54 »

Hi all,

I think I am having some problems with my mobo and just wanted to ask a quick question...

On my old box, I had major crashing problems when I put the Ti-4400 in while in the middle of 3D games.  I'm almost certain this was due to overheating.

New rig...many fans!  Everything seems pretty cool.  However, among other problems I am having since putting this new setup together (onboard audio crashes, reboots while using IE, etc.), I am having crashes in the opening intro video to various games.  My recollection is that this is just crappy rez vids that don't tax the video card to nearly what the actual gaming should.  Does this sound right to every/anyone?  I don't seem to have any great problem during heavy 3D use (or 3dmark, etc.).

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