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Author Topic: 533 FSB CPU on 400 FSB board  (Read 1342 times)

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B White

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533 FSB CPU on 400 FSB board
« on: 27-April-04, 05:17:16 »

What happens if you put a P4 533 FSB processor in a 400 FSB motherboard.  The board is an 845GLMS.

Regards Rob


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« Reply #1 on: 27-April-04, 07:34:01 »

Will not work since the board do not support 533mhz ( fsb / power / board comp. )

but if you are planning a 533 cpu because you want better performance, you could try overclockning your 400 cpu instead ( if you havn´t done this already )

Best thing, could be to buy a 865PE Neo2 board that support 400/533/800 mhz northwood and prescott cpu, to run a 400/533 cpu today and 800 cpu tomorrow.
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