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Author Topic: Kingston HyperX Problem?  (Read 2649 times)

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Kingston HyperX Problem?
« on: 07-June-04, 16:37:02 »

I just got off of the phone with tech. support at kingston, after haveing to rma. the memory that i just received back friday from them.  They are trying to tell me the k7nt ILSR board is what is messing up there memory. Has anyone got any thoughts on that. Or is there a posibility that it is doing it. I dont believe so. The kingstonhx, has been running stable for over six months, when it started messing up, with errors, and mem. dumps. The new memory they sent me friday, one stick would just let it start to load, and then I would get the mem. dump screen, and reboot. The other stick would load, but when running memtest on it, it had 12 errors. I am running kingston hyperx, 2x512 at 2-2-2-5. Any input would be wellcome. Dont want to buy another board, have not had anyproblems with the one i have(other than memory), and dont want to throw away 265.00 worth of memory to change to something else.(wife would shoot me).


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« Reply #1 on: 07-June-04, 17:38:35 »

Kingston ram is spec'ed for the absolute max under the absolute perfect conditions. The 2800 barton you are using may need the 3200 Kingston ram.
You did not give the exact Kingston number so this is a swag Stay away from Kingston KVR .  2,2,2,5 hmmm... Lets try to keep you outa the dog house  try open all of those 1 notch and make the 5 an 8 . I know that just doesnt seem fair ya got that nice 2800 barton so you could go fast and it has to wait around for crap ram to charge.  
You are not the First to go down the kingston road. My test say if its Kingston 400ddr its   rally 333 , 333 is really 200 etc.
actual milage may vary according to driver prefrances. Tax  license and acts of nature apply. some manufactures bragging rights and DRLIES subject to..... well you get the picture.
Look at the sigs of the blue star people and the red star people and you may find a .. memory you can live with . BTW some one you know may buy those from you if their CPU  is 2600 or less.


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« Reply #2 on: 07-June-04, 18:25:02 »
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  • cjlittle, i have to disagree with you big time, my kingston hyperx does just fine,

    hndymann22, try increasing the voltage to 2.6vdmm(or higher) if its not already, kingston is hit or miss with the k7n2 series, set the fsb in bios to 166, and the cpu to ram ratio to 1:1

    AMD 3000+ 939 Winchester CBBID '9x260' =2,340mhz 1.5vcore
    DFI nforce4 939 Ultra-D
    Connect3D ATI X800 XL 256MB
    2x512mb Mushkin Blue DDR468 2-2-2-5 (9/10) 3.2vdimm
    Western Digital 80gig 8mb
    TTGI Triple Fan 520w PSU


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    « Reply #3 on: 07-June-04, 20:53:20 »
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  • a month ago a guy came in with kingston memory problems.
    it turned out that kingston uses 3 different memory chips brand and only 1 of them works good on k7n2

    kingston keept rma the memory until he got 2 sticks that worked.
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    « Reply #4 on: 07-June-04, 22:35:00 »

    My kingston happens to work fine..
    But pc4000 is overkill...
    I run my mem timings@8,3,3,3  1/1fsb/cpu


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    « Reply #5 on: 08-June-04, 00:15:46 »

    cjlittle, i have to disagree with you big time, my kingston hyperx does just fine,

    But of course scooter, you are runniing a 2400 cpu so your ram is ok . your buss is slower. try that same ram with the 2800 barton and you will see what hes talking about.
    Hyperx is the only chips  for sure but with kingston he would need the 3200 not the 2700
    I agree 4000 would be overkill. good timings are everything 8,3,3,3 with 1.1 fsb wold equate to his 3,3,3,5 which I recomended he up to 3,3,3,7 (or 8 )
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    « Reply #6 on: 08-June-04, 00:47:35 »

    Some months back i was one that was haveing so much trouble with the hyper x memory, they do have three different chips.(and it took forever to find the ones that would work with my setup)  But then i was running the 2500xp and was haveing no problems, after we finally found the right chips that would work with it. Four weeks ago is when I replaced the 2500 with the 2800, and it worked ok till about five days ago, and i was getting lockups, and that is when I ran memtest on it, and found all the errors showing. I was running the mem. at 2.7 volts then, so I lowered it to 2.6 and it got rid of a bunch of the errors. So I went on down to 2.5 and the same errors stayed. I am running my son's hyperx in my machine right now, and it shows no errors on it at all, but I am only running it at 2.6volts. I am afraid the 2.7 might have harmed the other memory. I really dont know for sure. But the kingston tech. had told me before that I could go to 2.7 volts with no problem, but no higher. In fact he kind of chewed me out when I told him i was running it at 2.5volts stock. Said if i wasnt going to oc it than i need the value ram, not the hyper x. My sons hyper x is the same as mine except the chip codes are different. I did relax my timeing's to what was recomended in one of the prevease posts. It seems to boot a little faster than it did before, so u got me. Will have to wait till the end of the week to get my mem. back to see if it will work(hope not like the last two i got friday). So i guess time will tell... will let u know how this comes out.  thanks everone.
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