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Author Topic: AGP slot not working - no video  (Read 1330 times)

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AGP slot not working - no video
« on: 25-October-04, 11:33:27 »

Hi everybody and thanks to those who try to help me!

Yesterday, when I tried to boot my computer (MSI 865PE Neo2, PIV 2.8 Prescott, VGA MSI G4MX440), the monitor didn't show any video, no beeps, but the computer was booting apparently as usual.

I thought of the VGA card, I replaced it with another one and same. I tried it on another computer and it works.

I tried clearing the CMOS and so now I get the famous 8 beeps, with or without the card inserted.

The lighst in the D-Bracket also point to Video problem.

I tried a PCI card and (sometimes) I get the video and it boots.

The motherboard is only 4 months old and has never given any problem.

The question is: it seems it has to be with the AGP slot, perhaps it's burned or so? It doesn't detect the card, but it seems so strange to me that the mobo work perfectly with one component damaged... Is there anyway to test the AGP slot, or to try to repair it by myself, somehow? Is there any thing you think I can try?

Thanks again, greetings to everybody!



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« Reply #1 on: 25-October-04, 15:20:27 »

well if you tried a pci card and it only sometimes works then its a bad motherboard or maybe a psu not giving enugh power for the stuff, sounds like the agp port is good.  unhook your cdroms ide and power cables and unhook your hard drives power and ide cables or sata then try it with agp video card and the pci video card seperately see if they work if they do would be the psu causing the problem.


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« Reply #2 on: 25-October-04, 18:34:58 »

Hi balewolf.

I tried your suggestion, still nothing :( I can boot with the PCI card (constant blocks) but not with the AGP.

It doesn't seem an energy matter, there's power in the AGP slot, as the AGP card's fan is working.

Any other suggestions and ideas will be more than welcome.



Del UK

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« Reply #3 on: 25-October-04, 20:33:25 »
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  • Hi Luis,

    Can you list your PC components? Please use my sig below as a guide. The PSU ratings are important.

    Del X-((
    Main system
    MSI P45 FR3 V1, Q9550 with Corsair H50, Corsair TX 650, Nvidia 650 ti boost, 8Gb DDR2 Corsair XMS2, onboard NIC/Audio, WD 250 with Synapse  & 500 RE drives, Opti Bluray, Enermax batwing 120's. Win 7 Pro 64bit


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    « Reply #4 on: 25-October-04, 22:08:44 »

    Hi Del!

    Here you are:

    WinXP SP2
    MSI(MS-6728 Ver 2)+ Intel 2.8GHz Prescott 512Kb
    MSI G4MX440 128Mb + Sony 15''
    Soundblaster Platinum
    Matrox 6Y120L0 - 120GB 7200RPM ATA/133+ DVD-RW + DVD+RW
    1*512 MB DDR 266 Ram Matrix (x.xV???)  
    Zalman ZM300B-APS +3.3v-28A +5V-30A +12V-18A

    Of course the PSU ratings are those from Zalman, have not measured them by myself. Also, I have no idea of the memory voltage.

    As related before, I'm trying to boot without any "additional" component other than video card, CPU and RAM.

    What do you guys think about?

    Thanks again,



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    « Reply #5 on: 25-October-04, 23:17:48 »

    seems like the motherboard agp is shot that id rma the motherboard and get a new one befor the warrenty runs out.
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