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Author Topic: Mega 180 - 9700pro.....suggestions  (Read 1258 times)

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Mega 180 - 9700pro.....suggestions
« on: 06-September-05, 12:51:28 »

Hi all,
Just bought a 9700pro off ebay. Works fine until I start gaming.
It will lock when playing HL2 during the loading periods between "sceens", sometimes during firefights with lots of noise (sound set to simple stereo not 5.1 using onboard).
It has never locked or crashed using normal PC / media tasks (MPEG/MP4 or MP3), only apparantly during 3d mode. It also seems to work okay with Call of Duty, half life1 etc.
Obvious symptoms are screen display locks OR screen is banded diagonally alternate white and some of the last screen. Last sound loops. Only way out is power reset
Using internal sound, Maxtor 160GB Plus 10, USB mouse and connected via external non-powered hub - WinTV USB2, MS bluetooth "key"
Drivers are latest catalyst and latest nvidia nforce for M/b and sound.
Normally I'd assume it was HL2 but the lock is only during the moments of the most high activity of sound and or video.
Old 4200 overclocked to hell worked a treat. :agrees:
4 questions:

1. I'm wondering if this may be that I am on the limit of PSU and I am exceeding it during gaming causing
the lockups?
2. Does a GF6600GT AGP draw less power? I cannot find the current draw of a 9700 pro.
3. Have I just got a duffer from ebay?
4. Would powering the USB hub make any difference at all? WinTV is powered itself, so only MS bluetooth and mouse drawing power from USB ports.



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Re: Mega 180 - 9700pro.....suggestions
« Reply #1 on: 06-September-05, 13:29:36 »
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  • My initial guess would be the powersupply. What are the max amps for the 3.3v 5v and 12v rails of the powersupply. Info is found on a sticker on the side of the PSU.

    Try running 3dmark05 as this is strictly graphics and no sound. This will make sure where the problem is located.

    Good Luck
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