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Author Topic: Add higher multipliers to the K7N420 bios?  (Read 570 times)

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Add higher multipliers to the K7N420 bios?
« on: 04-November-02, 05:07:17 »

Could this be possible? To add a few more selectable multipliers. Currently they seem to run out at 12.5x, but as these new Thoroughbred cpus  become more popular (did the k7n420 support 2200-2600?), well, anyways. There are bound to be users who unlock theirs (as I did:). And can only set the maximum multiplier of 12.5x in the bios. Currently I'm running my 2200+ at 140x12.5... :) (setting the multiplier to "default" doesn't do anything, it just gives you the last setting you used)

Thanks for any info... to a (stupid?:) question ;)
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