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Author Topic: MSI 6600GT AGP: no Color on TV via Composite Out  (Read 1286 times)

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MSI 6600GT AGP: no Color on TV via Composite Out
« on: 29-December-04, 22:36:51 »


I have a working MSI 6600GT AGP now, and want to use the included VIVO-Feature to have a video output on my PAL-TV (germany, PAL 50Hz).

I have tried several drivers, at the moment Detonator 67.03, und the TV-Out is connected via Video-Cinch (green cable from the MSI-cables labeled "Composite Out"  to the Video Cinch Input of my TV.

However, the Output on my TV is always in black/white, although I have selecteed "Pal B" in the Detonator drivers. The Problem obviously seems to be that the card "thinks" that I am using the S-Video Output, but not the composite. When I select "Composite" from the drivers manually, I get not picture, when I select "S-Video", I get only the luminance information, i.e. blackwhite, the same happens when I select "auto detect".

How can I force the MSI card to use a composite signal?




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« Reply #1 on: 30-December-04, 09:58:55 »


just wanted to say I figured out myself, I think they labeled the cables wrong, Composite Out is labeled on the green cord, but actually it works in color when conecting my tv to the orange cord, can anybody tell if that is correct?

By the way, why is there a sticker "Powered by Ati" on my 6600GT user's manual? Any QA outthere?




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« Reply #2 on: 31-December-04, 01:56:19 »
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  • Same sticker on the manual . . . "Powered by Ati" . . .


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    « Reply #3 on: 21-January-05, 03:10:19 »


    I had exactly the same problem until I installed the 71.22 driver from the MSI CD-ROM (fortunately I received my card yesterday thereofore I have this brand new driver on the CD-ROM).

    Now the TV-out works fine in full color, BUT when I play any game, after quitting the TV goes blank...  o_0

    That's all... I hope I could help someone resolving the B/W issue.



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    « Reply #4 on: 24-January-05, 07:48:34 »

    I have just read your posts on tv-out issues & it seems you are not alone. I have been trying for the last day to get it to work properly with now only moderate success. I too have my output leads incorrectly labelled, my tv composite out lead is supposed to be green but I now find out it is blue!!! Go figure.... I've also only just figured out how to change the output from s-video to composite. They could have made that a bit easier...
    Anyway, still have some issues with the way it displays on my tv, sometimes it\sthere then it breaks up on the bottom , I don't know, might just dump that feature in the too hard basket...I have another issue to settle first.


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    « Reply #5 on: 24-January-05, 19:03:20 »

    I HAVE the same problem with the f x5200, i conect to the tv usin the s-video,  when the machine starts  it shows color on the  tv,  but wen it enters on winxp it goes black and white.

    What can i do to fix this.
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