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Author Topic: Heatsink fan comparison  (Read 916 times)

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Heatsink fan comparison
« on: 19-February-05, 21:37:18 »

I have both the Thermaltake Pipe 101 h/s and the Thermalright SI-97 h/s.
After much usage of both I have come to the conclusion that the Thermalright (all aluminum) SI-97 is apparently the better h/s.
The TR h/s is aluminum with heat pipes and extremely difficult to install, the TT h/s is heavy all copper with heat pipes and easy to install. Both come w/o fans. I have the same 92mm panaflo highspeed fan on both and the Thermalright (after Artic Ceramique heat paste has cured) keeps my 2600+ mobile more than 10 degrees celcius cooler than the Thermaltake h/s on a 2600+ mobile clocked about 76 MHz slower.

Thermaltake pipe 101:  AMD 2600+ mobile 223.2 x 10.5 @ 1.725v 2344MHz  NB @ 1.6v  Idle: 42C    Max Load 54C
Corsai TwinXr PC3200C2 memory 1GB 2.6v stock.
Thermalright SI-97:       AMD 2600+ mobile 230.5 x 10.5 @ 1.8v    2420MHz  NB @ 1.7v  Idle: 32C    Max Load 44C
OCZ Perfomance Series PC3500 memory 1GB 2.8v .1v above stock.

both at same ambient room temps.
The Thermaltake is in Antec 835SXII case with (5) 80mm case fans, Microcool NB cooler.
The Thermalright is in Antec SLK3700AMB case with (2) 120mm case fans, Themaltake NB cooler with blower fan removed.(TR h/s wouldn't fit with the MB fan attached)

I hate that the Thermalright SI-97 H/S takes up my NB cooler space but it works and I believe the airflow from the fan helps on the NB H/S too

This is just a little info in case there are those who are still looking for Socket A cooler. Seems that all the heavy all copper H/S's are getting harder to find as well.  I know the TR H/S aluminum isn't as good as the all copper TR H/S's but it's a very close replacement.
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