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Author Topic: How to cool your Mega PC down  (Read 6207 times)

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How to cool your Mega PC down
« on: 11-June-05, 10:54:32 »

Due to the inherent ways of all Small Form Factor (SFF) cases, cooling is a major issue when using higher-spec hotter components. This problem is not unique to Megas, as almost all SFF barebones suffer from a lack of airspace in which cool air can move freely.

Many users don't realise this, and think that a small box will be able to adequately cope with running a P4 3.2ghz CPU, Geforce 6600 AGP card etc. New users often come here complaining that their temps are too high, you must consider that temps WILL be higher than if you had a regular desktop case with 4/5 fans to keep it all cool. Of course, with extra hot components, temps will probably be a little higher than is comfortable, but thankfully many enthusiastic Mega users have not let this stop them.

There have been many creative posts here before on the subject of getting those temps down, and thanks to your efforts, there are many relatively easy ways to do this. So I have made this sticky with links to what I believe are the most useful posts on the subject of Mega cooling.

Please note that in many cases, techniques described here can apply to all models of Mega. Please be aware that in most cases, cutting or modding the unit will invalidate any warranty you may have, so please make sure you know what you are doing first.

Have fun!


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