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Author Topic: [915 Series] MSI 915G COMBO  (Read 2202 times)

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[915 Series] MSI 915G COMBO
« on: 16-August-05, 14:46:28 »

P4 505J 2.66 GHZ
PC2100 ( 2x256 MBytes) (266 MHZ)
Video Build onto the Motherboard
Maxtor 6.4GB
LG 4120B DVD Multi-Format RAM Drive/Burner
PS 450W Generic with 24 PIN.
No beep, and nothing is displaying on the screen. What should i do, thanks.?  Please help!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to all.  I changed my Ram to DDR2 (500 MHZ), and i can see the display signal now.  I will continue to rebuild my computer, and i will let you know, if i stuck again.  Thanks again!!!!!!!!


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« Reply #1 on: 16-August-05, 16:18:12 »
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  • Your memory is not compatible with your mobo.

    buy some memory that is either DDR333 or DDR400 (PC2700 or PC3200)

    You should also upgrade you HDD, CPU, Video.

    I've got a lot of PC stuff cheep if you’re interested.

    Presler Box
    Clocked it up to @ 4.272GHz 1067fsb
    fsb clock @ 267MHz, +12.5mV
    MSI 955X Platinum (MS-7158-010)
    Intel Pentum D 940 (Daul Core + 4megs Cash)
    ZALMAN CNPS9500 LED - CPU @ 27C idle, 36C under load w/ OC
    2X1gig GEIL Ultra DDR2 PC2-5400 1.8V-2.4V 3-4-4-8 @ 2.1V 667MHz 1:1.66
    MSI nVIDIA 7900GT (MS-V801-045)
    2 X Maxtor 40Gig SATA RAID 0
    Enermax Liberty 500W (ELT500AWT)
    12Va 22A, 12Vb 22A, 5V 30A, 3.3V 28A

    Main Box
    P4EE 3.2GHz w/2meg cash @ 800Mhz FSB
    MSI 865PE Neo2 W/4X512Mb Kingston PC3200
    BFG Ti4600 Asylum w/128Mb
    P-SATA>WD 160GB 7200rpm SATA
    P-IDE>Maxtor 80GB 7200rpm PATA
    CM Jet4 HS&F: CPU Core Under load=39*C
    Lite-On 16X DL DVD+-RW


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    « Reply #2 on: 17-August-05, 07:59:33 »
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  • PSU specs amps please.
    HTPC - DVI to HDMI to Panasonic 42" Plasma
    Pentium 4 - 2.4GHz (B) on MSI 865PE Neo2
    512MB x 2 Kingston @ 333MHz, 80GB Seagate
    MSI NX6800Ultra, AcBel 560w PSU, WinXP Pro SP3

    MSI Wind Love U100 Netbook - VGA to Sony Bravia LCD
    Intel Atom 1.6GHz, 2GB RAM, 80GB HDD, WinXP SP3

    Acer Aspire 4741 - HDMI to Sharp 32" LCD
    Core i5 M450 2.4GHz, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Win 7 Hm Premium

    HP Compaq V3136 - VGA to Sharp 32" LCD
    C2D 1.66GHz, 2GB RAM, 80GB HDD, WinXP Media Centre SP3

    Gigaworks S750, 7.1 THX Dolby Surround
    Altec Lansing XA3501, 5.1 Gaming THX

    MSI HQ Forum USB flasher


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    « Reply #3 on: 17-August-05, 09:14:27 »

    Nice to know a fellow 915G Combo user :biggthumbsup: . Pls tell psu specs so that we can see if it suitable for ur system


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    « Reply #4 on: 17-August-05, 14:05:16 »

    i think it's ram, or power supply problem.
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