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Author Topic: MS-8838 not listed  (Read 1375 times)

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MS-8838 not listed
« on: 13-December-02, 12:56:16 »

A friend who owns a computer store just sold me a used vid card for one of my test machines.  It is labeled as MS-8838 and it comes up as a GF2MX400 w/64mb sdram.  Why does MSI not have it listed on the website?  It doesn't even show up in the archive section.  Is ther something wrong with this thing and MSI is afraid to admit that they even made it?  For a $30 card (thats what my friend charged) it has svideo and DVI outputs and seems like it must have been a highend GF2MX400.  But I have no documentation and know nothing nor can find nothing out about it.  My friend had pulled it from a machine while doing an upgrade for a customer.
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