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Author Topic: Msi 845pe v1.2 bios setting (spread spectrum)  (Read 733 times)

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Msi 845pe v1.2 bios setting (spread spectrum)
« on: 15-December-02, 21:28:37 »

Could anyone explain this :)
I'm using a msi 845pe max2-ifr motherboard.
When running with bios v1.1 i have no trouble loading high performance defaults, but when upgrading the machine crashes when i do that. I then traced the problem to a specific setting: "Spread Spectrum" If this is disabled the system refuses to boot and i have to clear cmos to get it working again. According to manual the best/fastest/stable setting is disabled, and as i'm using a brandnew p4 2.4ghz with 256 mb ddr 333 ram i would like to be able to run with high performance defaults :)



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RE: 845 PE MAX 2 bios 1.2
« Reply #1 on: 12-January-03, 15:13:00 »


  I have had exactly the same thing happen.

Intel P4 2.4GHz 533 FSB
MSI 845 PE Max 2
MSI GeForce 4 Ti4200 VTP (dual head one whose bios is not supported in live update!!!)
Legend DDR 333 RAM 256 MB (Also tried with 512MB)
Blah blah blah

Makes me think it is bios/hardware/MSI get your S**t together related.

Still runs like the clappers though with or without.

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