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Author Topic: Quake 3 Enigine lockups  (Read 822 times)

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Quake 3 Enigine lockups
« on: 22-December-02, 11:57:37 »


i have had this following problem ever since i got my Athlon XP 2100+, any game that runs on the Quake 3 engine (MOHAA, JK2, RQ3) crashes just before its finished loading

in RQ3 it crashes when it syas awaiting snapshot, as it does in JK2

MOHAA is weird, i can play the demo from the renegade cd no probs, but the full version crashes like the other two

is the root to this problem the same as the fsb? not enough power? or something else?

any help is appreciated


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« Reply #1 on: 23-December-02, 09:58:44 »

have you tried newer drivers?  


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« Reply #2 on: 23-December-02, 11:39:29 »

ill go through new drivers for everything then come back here
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