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Author Topic: Problems with MSI Live Update /MSI Live Monitor  (Read 771 times)

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Problems with MSI Live Update /MSI Live Monitor
« on: 27-May-06, 23:06:31 »

Hello I have a KM3M V motherboard/Xp Home ed SP2/Award Bios version 3.00 I also use the MSI Live Monitor. I upgraded my cpu (amd xp 2200--->amd xp 2800) and started to have strange problems with the Live Monitor. For instance after I had installed the new cpu I had problems with random crashes and crashes (I would right click the MSI Live Monitor icon and my system would reboot) everytime I tried to run Live Monitor. I solved the crashes/reboot by clearing CMOS and switching the FSB jumpers to match the speed of my new cpu and followed the advice of this site I also updated my chipset drivers and my integrated graphic drivers at the VIA website. This seems to have solved the problem and I have been running steady for quite a while. However, I had to do some adjustments to my CPU cooling fan and for good measure I removed my cpu cleaned it and reapplied thermal grease for good measure. Thats when I noticed that MSI Live Monitor utility wasnt running correctly. I ran Live Monitor and upon finishing its scan it crashed my pc, frozen screen. I rebooted and ran it once more ( and a thousand more times) It finishes its scan then disappears. Usually it will go to an IE screen and notify me of updates for my drivers ect or it will let me know that no drivers are available. But now Live Monitor just closes after I press the finish button? Strange. Definitely not a serious problem but I ve been wracking my brain trying to solve the problem. Any suggestions ideas or advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Problems with MSI Live Update /MSI Live Monitor
« Reply #1 on: 28-May-06, 00:12:59 »

The solution is simple.

Uninstall MSI software, and the problems will dissapear. You do not need that software. If your PC is running fine, then happy computing!

If you find you need an update go directly to the chipset manufacturer. Your motherboard is archived and obsolete, there will likely be no more updates for it anyway. The latest BIOS was dated 2004 even.

Do yourself a favor and get rid of that clunky software... 8-))
You've already demonstrated the ability to help yourself when needing drivers by going to Via, drop the training wheels and ride! Be freee!!! :lol_anim:
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Re: Problems with MSI Live Update /MSI Live Monitor
« Reply #2 on: 28-May-06, 00:15:06 »

Like the Man says, and I seriously doubt you'll find many updates remaining for you.

Beat me by seconds, Glenn! :biggthumbsup:
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