Rules of the forum!

This Forum is a User-To-User support community, managed and maintained by users on behalf of MSI, for the benefit of users of all ages of MSI products.

The administrators and moderators of this Forum are not employed or paid by MSI, but are volunteers; we are just users like yourself. There are a small number of MSI support staff who do post here, but you are not in direct contact with MSI Support here. If you need to communicate directly with MSI, you should look here: How to contact MSI.

This is a moderated forum, and moderators have the right to edit or remove messages/topics if they do not adhere to the rules as outlined below. English is the only language permitted here. Forums for other languages. Please use only proper English here, not chat-speak like MSN or SMS.

Forum "don'ts" biggthumbsdown

This forum is for providing end-users with support for MSI retail products only. MSI makes hardware for other manufacturers ("OEM products") which are not supported here. If you have MSI hardware in a branded PC such as IBM, HP, Gateway, Medion etc, you must seek support from the system builder. Topics not concerning MSI products will be closed. This is not a general hardware support forum.

Don't attack, abuse or otherwise 'bash' MSI or its products. We are only interested in providing help to users having problems with their hardware and seeking assistance. This forum is not the place for venting opinions about the quality of MSI's products or its support, that helps nobody.

Do not openly attack or abuse the forum staff or any other member here. Fighting with other members is also not permitted. If you see any bad behaviour, or any posting that otherwise causes serious offence, please do not take action yourself, but please use the 'Report' button under that post to notify a moderator, and action will be taken by the staff.

If you have a disagreement with a moderator, contact them by private message (PM) or email and attempt to resolve the situation. If you are unable to resolve the situation amicably, contact the site admin. Attacking a moderator or admin openly in the forum will result in action being taken against you.

Please do not swear, or otherwise try to bypass the bad language censor. This forum is open to members of all ages, so keep your language clean and free from vulgarities that you wouldn't want your children reading!

This forum may not be used for any commercial purposes. Posts concerning offers of sale or any trade of equipment will be removed, same goes for posts directing users to other sites, for the sole purpose of attracting traffic or 'hits'. Spamming is strictly forbidden. Spammers will have their accounts deleted and posts removed without warning.

Don't hijack other peoples topics and/or reply to and resurrect old dead topics. If you have questions and/or problems start your own new topic.

Posts concerning any form of illegal activity, such as hacking, 'cracking', bypassing of activation, or posting links to illegal downloads or any other questionable content, such as racism, pornography will be deleted. Please also see: Mac OS X topics

This is a technology support forum, no discussions of a racial, sexual, religious or political nature are allowed here.

Forum "do's" biggthumbsup

Please be polite and respectful to others when posting. No-one is paid to work here, everyone gives up their own time to help each other.

Before posting for the first time, please be sure to create a signature listing your hardware in detail, which will appear after every post you make. If you're not sure what info to provide, please read the Posting Guide. It goes without saying that the more information you provide about the hardware you have and the problem you are having, the better the responses will be.

If you use a graphic image in your signature, please use only one image, with a maximum size of 400 x 200 pixels.

If you need help with a problem, please start your own new topic. Don't 'hijack' someone else's topic, even if it seems they have a similar problem to yours. And don't post the same problem in different areas of the forum. If you feel you have posted in the wrong area by mistake, notify a moderator by clicking on 'Report', and they will move it to the correct area for you.

Also, please do not try to contact moderators or any MSI Support staff members, via PM or email, directly for help with problems.

Use a sensible subject line to describe your problem. Topic titles such as 'Hurry need help!' or 'I'm so p***ed off!' will not attract much interest, as it gives the impression you are impatient or unwilling to listen to suggestions.
If you receive assistance which helps you solve your problem, or you manage to solve the problem yourself, then please post back and let us know the outcome. Your feedback is important, as your topic could be useful to someone else who encounters the same or similar problem.

Other things you should know...

Please don't 'bump' your topic. If you feel you're not receiving assistance with your problem, have you provided enough info for anybody to help you? See Suggestions on posting and getting better answers. Sometimes, it may not be possible for anyone here to help you, in which case you should seek assistance from MSI directly.

Read the 'stickies'! Sticky topics are shown at the top of each forum section, they contain very useful information which you should read first.

Use the 'Search' function! Your problem may have already been addressed already, and it is very tiresome to answer the same questions over and over again.

MSI Red Rockets forum. This area of the forum is reserved for members of the MSI HQ Red Rockets folding team. If you are not a member, then your post(s) will be moved or deleted, unless you are looking to join this project.

Overclocking, and modded/BETA BIOSes. Overclocking advice, and modded/beta BIOSes, are provided here in this forum at your own risk. This forum, and MSI, is not held responsible for anything that may go wrong if you use your hardware outside of its specification, or use a modded/beta BIOS incorrectly.

External links. This forum is not responsible for the content of external links given here.

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