MSI System Information Export tool version 1.0.1504.2101


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Apr 23, 2014
[What's the System Information Export tool?]
The System Information Export tool can help you export all detail information of your notebook just by one click.
This will save you more time on searching for the needed information when you're having some troubles with your notebook.

[Download Link]

? This tool is only for MSI notebook products.
? The Serial Number can be shown with the product which is manufactured after May. 2014 (For S80 and S100, the serial number can be shown with the manufacture date after Nov. 2014).
? The export text file only shows the VideoBIOS of NVIDIA dGPU (dedicated GPU).
? The export text file will NOT show the complete Windows Product Key to prevent the revealing of your windows key.

[How to use this tool?]
1. Extract the zip file.
2. Double click on the .exe file ?ExportSystemInformation.exe?.
3. Click ?Yes? when the User Account Control reminder window shows up.

4. Click the ?Export System Info? button.

5. Choose where you want to save the export txt file and click ?save?.
6. Now the system information file has been exported successfully.


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Aug 28, 2011
Oh my, a Windows program. In my naivate I hoped for a CD bootable tool or a way to do this from within Linux. I am a software developer trying to implement a licensing scheme and I need to be able to programmatically access the something unique to a specific machine, hopefully the CPUID serial number. It seems the BIOS disables the cup serial number before Linux loads, and it would be good for me to find a way to re-enable it. I am working on a medical application and the law requires me to secure the personal health information. Thoughts anyone?

Douglas Goodall